Dan R. K. Ports

I recently joined the systems group at the University of Washington as a postdoc.

Before arriving at UW, I was a student at MIT. I graduated with my Ph.D. in June 2012, advised by Barbara Liskov in the Programming Methodology Group at CSAIL. Previously, I finished a M.Eng. (Feb. 2007) with David Karger, working on peer-to-peer systems based on distributed hash tables. Even earlier, I was an undergrad, also at MIT, where I wound up with degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics (2005).

While in grad school, I also spent a few summers at VMware. There, most of my work was in the advanced development group on the Overshadow system for defending applications from compromised operating systems. I also worked with the VMkernel resource management group on cache-aware scheduling algorithms for multiprocessors.


Generally speaking, I'm interested in almost all issues related to distributed systems and operating system: how to construct scalable, fault-tolerant, secure systems.

My most recent work has focused on providing high-performance storage with strong consistency guarantees. TxCache is an application-level cache for web applications that guarantees transactional consistency and provides a simple programming model. Another product of this work is the implementation of true serializability via Serializable Snapshot Isolation which is now available in PostgreSQL 9.1.

For more information, see the full list of research projects I've worked on, or my list of publications.


At MIT, I taught recitations for 6.033 ("Computer Systems Engineering"), an undergraduate class that discusses principles of computer systems while reading classic research papers.

Professional Activities

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